Benefits of Yoga

Written By Erin Kastenmeier, LPTA on July 18, 2017

It’s no wonder that yoga has increased in popularity over the last few years… check out what yoga can do for you! Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off at 6AM, you start the coffee, jump in the shower, get ready... Read More

Relieve Lower Back Pain By Addressing Trigger Points

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on July 5, 2017

For many years, surgery remained the go-to solution for painful conditions such as spinal stenosis, but physical therapy has been shown effective at treating lower back pain. As a treatment option, physical therapy also conveniently eliminates the risk of post-surgical... Read More

Sleep: The Best Medicine

Written By Diane Opdahl, PT on June 20, 2017

For many of us sleep is the thing that soothes and restores us after a long day of work and play. It is our time to recharge our minds and bodies.  Many people at some point in their lives experience... Read More

Is Technology Harming Your Health? What Can You Do About It?

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on June 5, 2017

Technology has changed the way we approach our daily lives, communicate with one another and organize our busy schedules. Although our tablets, smartphones, and laptops make our lives easier in incredibly significant ways, they can also have harmful effects on... Read More

Spring Tips for Getting Back on Your Bike and How to do so Safely

Written By Kelli Rorem, DPT, ATC on May 9, 2017

Spring is in the air! What a refreshing time it is for Minnesotans to get some much needed fresh air and vitamin D. Spring is also a great season to resume outdoor physical activities that you may have missed over... Read More

Stress May Be Affecting Your Health. How Can You Manage It?

Written By Kelly Borreson, DPT on April 18, 2017

  You have a deadline to meet by Thursday afternoon and you haven’t even started. As the time presses closer, your blood pressure rises and your heart beats faster, you lose sleep trying to get it together. Now throw in a... Read More

Running Through the Seasons: How to Prevent Injuries Between Winter and Spring

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on March 30, 2017

As a runner, you’ll have witnessed the look of disbelief on people’s faces as you run through hail, snow, blizzards, and freezing temperatures. But if running is part of your daily routine, why should you stop when the seasons start... Read More

Lyme Disease Alert

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on March 1, 2017

Spring and Summer allow us to enjoy more time outdoors. The practitioners at Wellspring Health Center want you to be aware of the dangers of tick bites, which can result in a debilitating and mysterious illness known as Lyme disease.... Read More

Dangers of Tylenol

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on March 1, 2017

New Dosing Guidelines for TylenolEffective Fall 2011 To help encourage appropriate acetaminophen use and reduce the risk of accidental overdose and liver damage, the makers of Extra Strength TYLENOL® are implementing new dosing instructions. The new guidelines lower the maximum daily... Read More

Reading to Your Kids

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on March 1, 2017

Early Childhood Reading Makes A Difference! Studies have shown that reading forms the foundation of all learning and that children who read often (or are frequently read to) have higher self esteem, better relationships with parents, and a more positive attitude... Read More

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